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As part of Gallery Gloria's 'Behind the Canvas' series, I'll briefly discuss the preparation and inspiration behind select pieces of work.   


I Discovered Gold

I've been looking for ways to add some extra bling to my art throughout this holiday season. I was out shopping for paint a few weeks ago at Deserres ( ) and discovered REAL gold leaf sheets. I have been painstakingly applying them to my canvasses with extra care, and the outcome has been exciting! The feedback I've received has been entirely positive-- my customers are raving about the shiny gold and silver leaf that has only served to make my work even more unique.

Check out some of my favourite examples below! For even more up to date photos of my work, visit my Instagram profile @gloriablatt 


Instagram Famous- almost!


My daughters introduced me to Instagram around a year ago and I have to admit that I’m addicted. As a visual platform, it is perfectly suited to showcase my art and it actually motivates me to create more pieces to share with my followers. With every like, I get more excited and appreciative that so many people from all around the world like my art.


I was contacted through Instagram by @museum_of_pretty, a feed featuring beautiful photos from artists who share their work on the platform. I was asked for permission to repost one of my paintings called ‘On their wings’, a purple, free-flowing and cloud-like piece with so much depth and emotion. I love seeing the comments and likes come through!


You can find this piece and all my recent works on my instragram (@gloriablatt)


Imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery!

Selling my work online has been wonderful in almost every aspect, except for one: copy cats. While each one of my paintings are quite different, they all share a similar style and can certainly be identified as a ‘Gloria Blatt Original.’ Throughout the past 15 years, I have unfortunately seen copies of the interior background photos that I’ve pieced together with Photoshop, along with copies of my paintings appear on cheap international sites. This is very discouraging, especially since these frauds are across the world and are not receptive to my complaints. I’ve never granted permission to anyone to reproduce my art, as this violates my integrity as an artist. Sadly this is a trend that many artists experience.



Here is the most recent discovery:


First Gallery Submission

Around two weeks ago, I submitted my work to Gallery Beauchamp ( My daughter and I took a trip to visit this gallery at their downtown Toronto location (King and Jarvis), but they have the greatest presence in Montreal. Click the link to check them out! The pieces we saw were very vibrant and contemporary, and I felt as though my art would be a good fit there. Hopefully Beauchamp will feel the same!


There are so many other beautiful galleries to explore in my own city and I look forward to visiting them all! Here are the six paintings I submitted as part of my artist’s profile:


 Gallery Submissions




I purchased a birch panel board so that I could add many layers of texture without the worry of weighing down the surface. When the birch surface is lightly primed it accepts the paint very well -the paint seems to fuse into the wood. I re-worked this surface many times until I was satisfied with the final piece. The process is a true test of temperament and stamina. I was determined to succeed.evolution of a painting

Chasing Days 

I’m a little anxious these days with the January blues setting in. You may say I'm a little 'blue'. I miss the bright unpredictable colours of nature as the landscape is quite bare and bland, and the sunlight has become more diffused. I decided to combat this with a new piece of art.Holding on to Warmer days!

This painting is my blaring attempt to hang onto seasons past while anxiously anticipating spring! 100% cotton canvas primed with two coats of acrylic gesso and sold by the foot works perfectly. Ideal for my large painting projects, this canvas is an excellent ground for painting with oils and acrylics, and supports the local economy as it is proudly Made in Canada! After applying many washes and layers with my golden acrylic paints, I achieved the result I wanted, a vibrant mystical rendering of a late fall day. Winter will be over soon, and the colours and brightness shall return!   

Back to You

I painted 'Back to You' at the end of November (2015). I had been sourcing out novel art materials that could be used for a future painting. It was inside one of my favourite art supply stores, Aboveground Art Supplies, where I was captivated by the look and feel of linen. In that moment, I knew I must use this material as substrate for my next piece. 

Back to You

The elegant nature of linen, along with its rich texture and natural colour, encouraged me to use it raw, totally unprimed. I purposefully did not paint the entire linen canvas to let the linen show through, and I also left the border of the piece untouched.

I like to think that the section of warm colours on the linen lures the eyes in, and I hope that you feel the same way. I hope it brings you 'back home'. I am always looking to experiment with surfaces out of my comfort zone and I am eyeing birch panel boards for my next painting!

Painting Outdoors, Even in the Winter

Plen Air Painting: Winter Flowers

January 8th was particularly mild in Toronto, so I thought, "what better way to seize the day than to paint outside!" Anyone who lives in Toronto knows that this is incredibly rare, as January is typically the coldest month of the entire year.

Winter Flowers Plein Air

Nevertheless, I transformed my indoor studio into an outdoor one and looked around for some inspiration. It was warm, though the setting was still pretty gloomy so I opted for flowers as inspiration, because they always seem to cheer me up. These flowers do not reflect my usual colourful and vibrant painting style. Instead, they represent a winterized version of a beautiful bouquet, much more toned down with a cooler colour palette.

I achieved this look using oil paints and the snow surrounding my workspace got a nice splash of colour! Sometimes, a little change in routine can go a long way, even on a winter day!