What medium do you use?

I am most fond of acrylics and watercolours, preferring to dilute my acrylics so that I can achieve a semi transparent effect. I get my inspiration for this from glass art which I love! However, I will also use oil paints as I find these to have the richest colours imaginable.

What techniques do you use?

I use glazes and mediums to dilute my liquid acrylic paints, or a palette knife to apply the thicker full bodied paints.

What words would you use to describe your art?

Vibrant, lively, uplifting, inspirational. There is a cardiologist in Texas who decorated his entire office with my art because his patients told him that my art made them "feel better".

What are your inspirations for your pieces, especially the abstracts?

I am inspired by nature, especially the calming waves of the ocean, the warmth of a summer wind, or the scent of a garden flower. The colours, shapes and textures within nature are endless. I have truly succeeded if my work allows the viewer to feel the force of a colour or the strength of a shape.

What Is your favourite subject to paint?

In my travels around the world I have recognized that cityscapes define the hopes and ambitions of a society, with each one being uniquely different. As an abstract artist I have the ability to transform the straight lines and right angles into a more free flowing unifying appearance that unites rather than separates one structure from another.

How Long Does it Take to Create a Painting?

The artistic process is ongoing. As I approach each blank canvas, I bring to it all my experiences, and emotions that I have carried with me from my earliest memories. I may gather inspiration for a painting for months, or even longer, before I attempt to capture its essence on canvas.